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Meet the Team

Paul Ebert

 Paul Ebert



Paul has been around the brake repair business all of his adult life from working as an ASE technician to national account sales with a brake manufacturing company, to training, marketing, and management positions with a national retail repair company and now representing Pro-Cut.  But until becoming self-employed did it ever occur that being self-employed could be so enjoyable and make such an impact on the automotive repair business while making money too. "I never considered myself much of a salesman but representing Pro- Cut has been my passion since the first time Paul Hooper brought the product into my training center."  No other product or process has had the impact on the brake repair business as the rotor matching system by Pro-Cut.

John Hagaman

  John Hagaman

Sales Representative
- Covers North and South Carolina


John has over 30 years of experience in the automotive repair and service equipment industry.  He has always loved the sales aspect of his work beginning in 1981 in operations and sales of a major brand retail tire store.  Subsequently he spent another 10 years in wholesale sales of tires and equipment with a major east coast tire and equipment distributor.  It was during this time that John met Paul and a great friendship and sales team was formed.  That was in 1998 and since then John has become about as passionate as they get when it comes to talking about the Rotor Matching Systems of Pro-Cut on car lathes. 







John Reitsma  

Sales and Service Representative
- Covers Eastern North Carolina






mark hall pt

Mark Hall

Service Representative 
- Covers North and South Carolina


Mark grew up around his dad's machine shop in Gastonia and the great values and work ethic rubbed off on this gentle hard working man.  He is constantly looking for ways to improve not only himself but his work and indeed the products in which he services.  Mark has been with EBS since 2007.

Tim Krack photo

Tim Krack

Sales and Service Representative
- Covers Parts of North Carolina and VA

Tim's natural penchant for all things mechanical spans a wide gamut of things but no less the Pro-Cut brake equipment. Prior to Joining EBS Tim worked in the motorsports industry for the last 14 years where precision and customer satisfaction counts! Tim strives for perfection and ultimate customer satisfaction on every call he makes. He is factory trained and certified by Pro-Cut to repair brake lathes and to train technicians.


Cindy Didero portrait

Cindy Didero

Office Manager


Cindy's expertise is in her bookkeeping but she keeps everything moving at EBS as smoothly as humanly possible.  She is one of the most organized efficient people any organization could ever want and completes more in day than most people do in three.  We have had Cindy's skills available to us since 2003 and feel very fortunate that she is on our team. 




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