Tuesday, July 17, 2018

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Branick Nitrogen Inflation Wall Mount Systems

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Branick Nitrogen Inflation Wall Mount System Model 650Branick Nitrogen Inflation Wall Mount Syetem Model 650

If floor space is hard to come by, and complete mobility isn't necessary, the Branick line of wall-mounted nitrogen generators is for you. Speed and purity are not compromised with Model 650, which services entry level to high volume applications for passenger and light truck. Because of the PRISM Membrane, the system also acts as an air dryer, which means it produces a more consistent purity over the lifespan of the machine. The Model 650 is perfect for dealers who need a little more output, but just don't have the space. This wall-mount unit has many of the same features as Branick's tower systems and can easily handle the largest passenger and light truck shops as well as light volume commercial truck applications

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