Tuesday, July 17, 2018

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Branick Tire Inflation Tools


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Branick TIre Inflator Blockhead Pro

Branick TIre Inflator Blockhead ProOver 14,000 shops worldwide use the UL Certified BlockHead Pro. With traditional inflation tools, accuracy is an issue and the lack of durability is a nuisance. With 145psi output, the BlockHead Pro offers consistent accuracy, time saved due to faster calibration of tires, and money saved on inaccurate, disposable pen gauges. It also may be the only inflator on the market with a TWO year warranty. Looking for an auto inflator for your service truck? This unit is also waterproof so mount it on your truck and go.(see sell sheet for details) There are several ways to mount the BlockHead Pro depending on needs, and with the self-coil hose, you’ll have fewer overhead hose reels. This auto inflator saves time - no more back and forth from the valve stem, and provides versatility, accuracy and safety to your shop

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